Everyone, Everywhere, Deserves Clean Water

663,000,000 people do not have access to safe drinking water. We're going to change that together.

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How It Works

100% Donations

100% of public donations go directly to funding our clean water projects around the world.

We cover the cost of our overhead so that we can guarantee that every cent you donate goes towards helping others, both in Canada and around the world.

Expert Partners

We partner with organizations and leverage their knowledge and expertise.

The organizations that we’ve choose to partner with have demonstrated a community-centered approach, excellent financial reporting and a deep knowledge of water project implementation.

Sustainable Success

It's not enough to just get the water flowing, we're in it for the long haul.

We want to ensure the longterm success of each of our projects. Our partners establish and train local water committees at each well site to handle repairs, maintenance and community investment.

Recent Projects

We believe we can bring an end to the water crisis in our lifetime, using 100% of all donations to fund water projects around the world. Here’s where we’ve helped bring clean water so far.

    • Chipepo Kulimanjulu Village

      Drilled Well

      Located along the Kariba dam in the Gwembe Valley in southern Zambia, members of this community used to walk 2km to collect dirty water from a water source shared with animals.

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    • Gwembe Market

      Drilled Well

      This well allows the market to stay open longer which makes for an even larger economic impact than is typical with most well projects. The addition of clean water at the market also allows for produce to be washed in clean water.

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About True North Water

True North Water is a registered Public Foundation based in Calgary, Alberta. Our goal is to help bring clean, safe drinking water to those around the world who need it most. One hundred percent of the money we raise goes directly to funding projects.